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S1E8: Snack-Off – Dorm Room Delicacies & Breakfast Cereal Full Episode

Snack-Off - Dorm Room Delicacies & Breakfast Cereal

Amateur cooks use ingredients found in their dorm rooms.

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Food Fighters: Courtney Anderson-Sanford Online Stream (S1E5)

Food Fighters - Courtney Anderson-Sanford

Courtney goes up against Lorena Garcia.

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Watch Biker Battleground Phoenix – Judgement Day Online Stream

Biker Battleground Phoenix - Judgement Day

Our five guys finally finish their bikes and head to the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, where a hundred Harley students and panel of experts will decide on who is really the baddest builder.

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Masters of Sex: Blackbird Season 2 Episode 6

Masters of Sex - Blackbird

Masters is banned from using black participants in his study, but he contacts a journalist to help him. Johnson is forced to accept DePaul’s decision to stop her chemotherapy sessions. Gene finds out the truth about Betty and Helen’s relationship.

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S3E7: Unforgettable – Throwing Shade Online Stream

Unforgettable - Throwing Shade

When one of Eliot’s oldest friends, the campaign manager for a mayoral candidate, is murdered, he is forced to face his past and current demons as Carrie and Al work to uncover the killer.

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Duck Dynasty S6E9: Lake Boss Online

Duck Dynasty - Lake Boss

Stumped on a way to celebrate Willie’s birthday, Korie enlists the guys’ help and Jace takes the reigns in planning a trip to the lake where Kay & Phil used to live. Meanwhile when the women realize a raccoon is inside the lake house, they ask Phil to take care of the problem and he enlists the help of his grandkids on a search for the critter.

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S5E4: Who Do You Think You Are? – Valerie Bertinelli Full Episode

Who Do You Think You Are? - Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli delves in her family’s past this week.

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Watch Masters of Sex Online: Giants Season 2 Episode 5

Masters of Sex - Giants

Masters continues his work as the only white doctor in a black hospital, but it costs him his gynecology practice. Robert confronts Libby over the treatment of his sister. Betty and her former lover reunite. Johnson struggles to fix things with DePaul, who now knows what is going on with Masters.

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Watch Beware the Batman Online: Darkness Season 1 Episode 14

Beware the Batman - Darkness

With Batman a prisoner ? and the League of Assassins now in control of Gotham ? it’s up to a small band of heroes to save the city. Still wary of Alfred, Katana goes with him to meet Gordon. Together, they plan to hack into the Ion Cortex, defeating the League’s plans and pulling Gotham out of darkness. Unfortunately, the best person for the hacking job is Gordon’s own daughter, Barbara. Meanwhile, Batman finds himself in the same cell as his old nemesis Silver Monkey. Agreeing to an uneasy truce, the Monkey and the Bat break out, with Batman determined to destroy the Cortex.

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S1E7: Ancient Impossible – Greatest Ships Online Stream

Ancient Impossible - Greatest Ships

Some of the greatest ships in history were actually designed, built and sailed thousands of years ago. Join us as we examine the greatest warship of the ancient world, the Greek Trireme. What made Triremes so deadly and fast? We also examine the most impossibly opulent ships ever created, the notorious sex ships, built by the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula. Ships built for pleasure which contained marine technology that would not be reinvented for centuries. We also explore what many believe may have been the world’s first ironclads the Korean Turtle Ships.

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Watch Online Gang Related – Almadena

Gang Related - Almadena

Javier attempts to secure a deal with the DA’s office as the Metas are starting to piece together the details of Salazar’s death. Jessica lets Ellis know about Ryan’s secret.

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Watch Mythbusters – Laws of Attraction Online Stream

Mythbusters - Laws of Attraction

The MythBusters use sexy science to tackle five captivating clich?s about the laws of attraction including if men really do prefer blondes, if pheromone sprays really work, if bigger boobs equal bigger tips, and does a man’s wealth really woo women?

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Watch Matador – Code Red Card Online

Matador - Code Red Card

A recurring dream from Tony’s past coincides with his debut on the LA Riot, which is quickly compromised when he needs to rescue Galan’s troublemaking daughter, Senna, from harm. As Tony races against time, both on the field and off, Annie and Noah realize something about Galan that could be a game changer.

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Wentworth S2E12: Fear Her Online

Wentworth - Fear Her

The extent of Bea’s plan is revealed as she makes the final moves to avenge Debbie’s death.

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Watch Online Running Wild with Bear Grylls – Ben Stiller

Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Ben Stiller

World-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls meets actor Ben Stiller (Secret Life of Walter Mitty) on the rugged mountains of the Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland to go on a once in a lifetime adventure. As they explore their surroundings Bear tests Ben’s limits in an effort to see how he measures up to the unpredictable and unforgiving challenges of Mother Nature.

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