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Watch Bloodlands – Lieutenant in the Lake Online

Bloodlands - Lieutenant in the Lake

Overstreet is a devoted husband, father, and policeman. So when his bullet-riddled body turns up naked and floating in the murky waters of South Carolina’s Lake Thurmond, officers across three jurisdictions are left dumbfounded.

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Watch Sisterhood of Hip Hop Online: Miami Vices Season 1 Episode 5

Sisterhood of Hip Hop - Miami Vices

The girls head to Miami to celebrate the re-launch of Diamond’s career; Siya attempts to reconnect with Renaye; Nyemiah’s cold behavior goes too far.

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Watch Hotel Hell – Murphys Hotel Online

Hotel Hell - Murphys Hotel

Gordon Ramsay heads to Northern California where he is captivated by the beautiful vineyards of the Sierra Nevada Foothills and the town’s most historic building, Murphy’s Hotel. He’s quickly learns that the 200 year old landmark has become an attraction for a crowd where all night partying kept guests from actually sleeping. Find out if Gordon can keep the owners, Kevin, Joel, and Brian, focused on the guests’ experience or if they’ll let their historic hotel turn into a thing of the past.

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Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey – Guilt Trip Online Stream

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Guilt Trip

Dina and Melissa try to cheer their friend up with a surprise getaway.

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Watch Unforgettable – True Identity Online

Unforgettable - True Identity

Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a high-end matchmaking service employee, but each secret they uncover in the victim’s life only serves to create a new possible suspect and motive.

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Watch Reckless (US) – And So It Begins Online S1E11

Reckless (US) - And So It Begins

Vi finds out her ex-husband is been tried for medical malpractice. Lee Anne’s case is complicated further.

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S4E4: Braxton Family Values – I Ain’t Scared of No Demons Full Episode

Braxton Family Values - I Ain't Scared of No Demons

Trina, Towanda and Traci are in Los Angeles to get started on the Braxton family album.

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Watch Legends – Betrayal Online Stream

Legends - Betrayal

The Colonel and Ana Paulanos are captured by DCO when they sell Martin a briefcase of VX that turns out to be bogus. In response, one of The Colonel’s followers releases real VX on a crowded bus, threatening more attacks if The Colonel and Ana aren’t released. As a last resort, Martin stages a pulse-pounding “false flag” prison break of The Colonel and, with Ana’s help, forces The Colonel to lead him to the VX. Can Martin trust Ana to betray The Colonel and help him find all the gas before more civilians are killed?

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Extant: A New World Online Stream (S1E11)

Extant - A New World

As the offspring’s powers grow, Molly learns of Yasumoto’s painful path to immortality. When Sparks starts to have doubts about the mission, Anya takes charge. Meanwhile, Odin tries to secretly access Ethan’s circuitry.

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Watch Ali G: Rezurection Online: FBI Season 2 Episode 1

Ali G: Rezurection - FBI

Ali G learns how the FBI keeps America safe. Borat visits the English Countryside to try hunting.

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Skin Wars: Fact or Myth Season 1 Episode 5

Skin Wars - Fact or Myth

While working in teams, the artists are encouraged to point out each others flaws. A surprise addition later into the competition, makes painting the naked models more difficult.

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Alaska State Troopers: Cut in the Gut Season 6 Episode 8

Alaska State Troopers - Cut in the Gut

Troopers Noll, Taylor and Hess arrive on the scene of a crime of sheer brutality. A scorned ex-husband has been viciously stabbed, leaving him nearly eviscerated and on the verge of losing his life. In the Mat-Su Valley, Trooper Determan is called to investigate a rolled-over vehicle. When he and the paramedics arrive, they find the car in a frozen swamp with an unconscious man trapped inside. Then in Juneau, Wildlife Trooper Bjork investigates nearly 100 unattended shrimp pots in the waters.

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Watch Online Airplane Repo – Repo Rat Race

Airplane Repo - Repo Rat Race

Ken and Danny race to beat out rival repo men in a huge yacht heist; Mike is involved in a high-stakes game of chicken between a six million dollar Lear jet and a Lamborghini.

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Watch Top Chef Duels Online: CJ Jacobson (Top Chef Miami contestant) vs. Stefan Richter (Top Chef Season 5 runner up) Season 1 Episode 4

Top Chef Duels - CJ Jacobson (Top Chef Miami contestant) vs. Stefan Richter (Top Chef Season 5 runner up)

CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter battle it out.

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Under the Dome S2E9: The Red Door Online

Under the Dome - The Red Door

Barbie’s father Don plays an elaborate game to get Barbie to hand the egg over to him. Meanwhile, Big Jim learns that Julia has the egg and makes a deal with Don to get himself and Junior released from the Dome. And Pauline, Sam, and Lyle try to track down the red door and return to Chester’s Mill to atone for their sins.

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