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Watch Online A Haunting – Demon Unearthed

A Haunting - Demon Unearthed

After a dark entity is awakened beneath a 19th century mansion, the Rice family experiences a terrifying haunting that forces them to abandon their dream house.

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Wipeout: Wide World of Wipeout Online Stream (S7E8)

Wipeout - Wide World of Wipeout

Some athletes take on the obstacle coarse on the S.S. Booty Shaker.

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S1E7: Ancient Impossible – Greatest Ships Online Stream

Ancient Impossible - Greatest Ships

Some of the greatest ships in history were actually designed, built and sailed thousands of years ago. Join us as we examine the greatest warship of the ancient world, the Greek Trireme. What made Triremes so deadly and fast? We also examine the most impossibly opulent ships ever created, the notorious sex ships, built by the notorious Roman Emperor Caligula. Ships built for pleasure which contained marine technology that would not be reinvented for centuries. We also explore what many believe may have been the world’s first ironclads the Korean Turtle Ships.

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Stan Lee’s Superhumans: Fearproof Season 3 Episode 6

Stan Lee's Superhumans - Fearproof

This time Stan wants Daniel to meet four people who claim to be fear-proof, and push man’s limits to the very edge, performing staggering feats at extreme heights that would paralyze any normal person with fear. Julio Munoz claims to have the ability to switch off fear, and wants to prove it by attempting one of the scariest stunts of all time that requires superhuman nerves of steel. Tyler Bradt takes fearlessness to a whole new level, kayaking over waterfalls hundreds of feet high. Andy Lewis is a fearless slackliner who uses no safety harness when traversing deadly canyons on an inch-wide rope.

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S12E4: Dragons’ Den – Series 12, Episode 4 Full Episode

Dragons' Den - Series 12, Episode 4

Ideas pitched include a product that uses nano-suction technology and some gourmet marshmallow treats.

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Watch Child Genius Online: Series 2, Episode 4 Season 2 Episode 4

Child Genius - Series 2, Episode 4

Each of the finalists has chosen a complex specialist subject to be tested on with questions devised by leading experts in their chosen field. The two highest scorers then battle it out in the last stage, where they compete for the title in a mixed round of advanced mental arithmetic, general knowledge, and logic and reasoning.

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Super Soul Sunday: Oprah & Mark Nepo: The Big C: Healing Body & Soul Online Stream (S8E14)

Super Soul Sunday - Oprah & Mark Nepo: The Big C: Healing Body & Soul

Author Mark Nepo discusses the spiritual awakening he experienced while fighting cancer. Also: Cancer survivor Kris Carr remarks on how she dealt with her illness.

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Watch Ridiculousness – Maria Menounos Online Stream

Ridiculousness - Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Watch Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding – Spring Break Forever, Biermanns Online Stream

Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding - Spring Break Forever, Biermanns

The sun is finally out as the Biermanns continue their Spring Break vacation in Destin, Florida, but their peace is disturbed by a couple of uninvited and unwelcome guests. When Kim and Kroy go on a romantic date, Brielle tests the limits of her new found freedom.

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Watch Online Rush – We Are Family

Rush - We Are Family

Rush goes to lunch with his stepmother; Rush is putting a strain on Alex’s marriage.

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S1E7: Taxi Brooklyn – Black Widow Full Episode

Taxi Brooklyn - Black Widow

Three men are found dead under mysterious circumstances, but similarities in their physique and taste in watches seems to point to one murderer, a Black Widow. She mates and then she kills. Leo (Jacky Ido) fits the profile of the victims and agrees to go undercover as bait to catch the killer, putting his life in danger.

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Watch Fast N’ Loud Online: 1st Gear Season 5 Episode 2

Fast N' Loud - 1st Gear

Updates from Richard, Aaron and the Gas Monkeys – RR buys a nest of cars including a rusted-out ’68 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Can Richard and Dennis save a piece of racing history from the crusher?

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Watch Hot In Cleveland – Strange Bedfellows Online Stream

Hot In Cleveland - Strange Bedfellows

There are sparks between Victoria and J.J. and Melanie and Donald. Elka talks about Councilman Powell.

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S2E5: The Bridge (US) – Eye of the Deep Online Stream

The Bridge (US) - Eye of the Deep

Sonya & Hank discover the depth of the crimes against Eva. Marco confronts an old nemesis. Frye receives a proposition from the DEA. Fausto gets his revenge.

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S5E11: Rookie Blue – Everlasting Online Stream

Rookie Blue - Everlasting

A bomb goes off in the station’s evidence room, with Andy inside. The officers of 15 Division work to track down Ted McDonald (the car-bomber from Ep. 510). But even after catching him, they realize Ted has more targets set to explode out there. The clock is ticking?

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